New Moon: 3 Quick Steps for Inviting in Alllllll the Good Stuff!

Anyone else have a rough July? While frantically trying to finish my website—and spending a lot of time setting up behind the systems (NOT my forte)—I was having some major ups and downs; doubts and excitement; frustrations and big breakthroughs! Not to mention I had some lessthanfun cancer follow up appointments a few weeks ago. All this left me feeling utterly exhausted more than once this month.

But here we are, at the end. And, as a devoted follower of some groovy astrologists, I know this end has a big charge—Mercury finally goes direct and we have a powerful new moon. So the next 48 hours are all about

inviting in all the joyfulness and playfulness
we can handle.

As for me, I’m ready for A LOT!

And when I’m in a need of a way to usher out the “blehs” and invite in the really, really good stuff, I do this very quick ritual all about my front door. After all, our doors are a way we choose what to keep out and what to welcome into our homes—both figuratively and literally.

In this video below, I explain these

3 quick steps to ushering in all the good stuff

So whether you are feeling stuck (post sickness or argument or just general stagnation) or you have the opportunity to harness some good energy coming your way—this helps make a big shift!

Please leave a comment below to share how you modified this to make it your own—and

I wish you an August full of joy and play!