The Emotional Home Blueprint

A six-week course that teaches you how to move from on-screen, in your dreams Pinterest inspo to real-life, brag-worthy design that elevates the way you live.


Do you ever catch yourself wondering… do designers manage to effortlessly pull off such well-curated, uniquely stylish interiors?

Well, there’s a lot more to it than the pretty finished product pictures you see on the ‘gram.

Let me know if this rings true...

Are you:

Frequently bent over your iPad at 3 AM, pinning to your “interior design inspo” board like there’s no tomorrow?

Afraid to hit the “buy” button on… well, anything, for your home because (gasp) what if it doesn’t look good?

Struggling to find unique ways to style your space so that it feels less like a college dorm room and more like your own personal boutique?

If you know what you want—but don’t know where to start...

Or feel overwhelmed by the hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of little details that go into designing your perfect home...


Because I’m here to tell you that, YES, you can create a space that lifts your soul, enhances your well-being,
and 110% feels like your home.


You’re a creative go-getter with a vision. But with a gazillion ideas running through your head and Pinterest pins piled to your virtual ceiling, it seems like your room will never come together quite right.

You love the idea of designing your own space... 

...but where to begin? And how the heck do you draw up a floorplan anyway? 

You’re not out to become the next Joanna Gaines. And your goal isn’t to host the next hit show on HGTV.

Your goal is to find the perfect place to hang that piece of art you picked up in Portugal, to create a space to host dinner parties, and to finally kick that cheap Craigslist coffee table to the curb in favor of a piece you actually love. 

But between late night Pinterest binges, your “real” job, and that pesky budget, you can’t exactly afford to hire an interior designer or redesign every room in your home in one swoop.

The good news? There’s another way to achieve your dream home.


Imagine if you could...

Step away from the screen and into a space that supports you unconditionally—from stay at home days in sweatpants to wine nights with your BFF and every chapter in between.

Hit the “buy now” button with confidence, knowing that each piece has a purpose and will fit perfectly into your space.

Have friends and family begging you to host the next dinner party because your home is just so damn darling.

Stop toiling over pillows and patterns—and start taking action to bring your BIG vision to life!

Have an A-Z blueprint of all the things you need to bring your space together (without the interior designer price tag) so that you can focus on the fun parts—like taking before and after photos for Instagram.

You often daydream about what your space could look like … but with so much inspiration at your fingertips, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Design fatigue is the real deal.

I know because I’ve been where you are: Trying to figure it all out on my own, endlessly swapping out furniture, and drowning in inspiration overload. So, I made some major changes. Now?

I finally have a space that perfectly reflects my personal style, feels really damn good, and has everyone who walks in saying, “this is soooo you!” And I’m handing my step-by-step process that I’ve used with dozens of clients over to you.



I’m Hollis Rendleman, and I created the Emotional Home Blueprint to teach you how to elevate your quality of life through interior design.

The comforting feeling when you come home, how refreshed you feel after your evening rituals, and the relaxation of falling asleep amidst your favorite things—it all ties into your everyday habitat.

The Emotional Home Blueprint takes you through the exact steps to design an emotional room that boosts your well-being (and gives you some serious bragging rights, too).

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The Emotional Home Blueprint covers everything you need to...

  • Build a bridge between your ideas and a real-life room design that’s oh-so-you

  • Draw a floorplan and organize your room to intentionally support positive emotions and well-being

  • Create design boards using colors, patterns, and textures to ramp up the feeling you want your room to convey

  • Budget and shop for allllll the furniture and finishing touches you need to bring your room together like a pro

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn inside the course:



  • The 5 key elements you need to consider to design an “emotional home”—plus, what that means and why it matters.
  • The evolution of home design... and how to opt-out of the quest for a “perfect” home in favor of creating something true to you.
  • How to build safety and security into your home, as well as a sense of spirituality that represents who you are now and where you envision yourself going.
  • Align your needs with your goals, and learn ways to effectively coordinate with other decision makers in your home.


  • How to identify the ideal use of your room—plus, what needs to be eliminated from the room to support positive emotions.
  • Plan “zones” for your room using a detailed bubble diagram (but first: how to create a bubble diagram).
  • How to draw a floorplan and determine the right size furniture for your space, plus how to arrange it all.
  • Identify what furniture, lighting, and decor you need to make your space spring to life and evoke all the good feels.


  • Close your eyes and visualize how you want to feel in your room. Got it? Good—now you’ll pair your desired feeling with inspirational images and begin to see the colors, textures, and patterns come to life.
  • Create your first design board, showcasing specific pieces of furniture, finishings, and decor.
  • Now that you know what pieces you need, you’ll begin to determine your budget.


  • How to use proven design principles to hone in on how you want your room to feel—then, ramp up your design.
  • Learn the techniques the pros use to intentionally design a room around a specific goal: mood, focus, balance, proportion, rhythm, and harmony.
  • Discover the not-so-secrets of color theory... and how you can use them to enhance the mood of your room.


  • Real talk: lighting plays a huge role in the feeling of a room. Learn how to use lighting to your benefit (so you don’t get caught in the dark).
  • Grasp the rules of textiles—rugs, curtains, pillows—and employ them to give your room more texture.
  • Swipe my styling secrets so you can make your room all fancy like, featuring your favorite things in all the right places.
  • Get allll your questions answered during a 45-minute live Q&A session with me and other students.


  • Solidify your budget, timeline, and action plan—so you feel confident with your furniture and decor purchases.
  • Wait… what the heck do you do when your purchases arrive?! Don’t panic—I’ll share my step-by-step system for unpacking your room and overcoming roadblocks.
  • Set intentions and perform a cleansing ritual to weed out negativity and welcome your new room! (Champagne optional but recommended.)

Plus, you’ll get access to…

“I loved it all! I'm telling everyone to take this course!”

— Becca L.

“Hollis’s teaching turned the angst and disgust I felt around my space into a whole new world of exciting possibilities! I’m so glad I took the course.”

— Rachelle H.

“Hollis’s teaching is wonderfully insightful. She clearly addresses the feelings and emotional considerations in addition to the design process. Loved it! And her!”

— Amy K.

Ready to take your home from ho-hum to ahh-mazing in just 6 weeks?

Your investment for the Emotional Home Blueprint:



$897 USD
Save $108!


$335 USD


Psst … The next session starts October 2019. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens!

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This course isn't for everyone

But it may be perfect for you if...

  • You embrace the creative process and enjoy taking time to get intentional and make thoughtful decisions.
  • You’d rather learn “how to fish.” Sure, you could hire an interior designer to solve for every square inch of your home—but that’ll come with a hefty invoice. Instead, I’ll walk you through all the design elements—from floor to ceiling and every little detail in between—you need to completely design one room in your home. Then you can apply the exact same process to your other rooms, at your own pace.
  • You’re ready to step away from overwhelming Pinterest city, get super-duper clear on your vision, and bring it to fruition.
  • You have some design sense but lack the confidence to commit to an action plan. I’ll give you the support and guidance to make intentional and informed decisions based on your style.
  • You’re not trying to replicate a cookie-cutter, glossy magazine cover room. Your goal is to create a space that feels good … and makes people say, “oh, this is SO you!”

What if you tick all the boxes and still don’t love it?

Don’t worry–there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Simply email me anytime during the first 14 days with proof that you gave it your best shot by doing the course work, and I’ll issue a full refund of your original payment—no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

A: The Emotional Home Blueprint occurs over the course of six weeks. Each week, we meet LIVE via Zoom for a group lesson. Then, I set you free to complete homework on your own time. Keep in mind, week two is heavy on the homework … so plan ahead!

When do the meetings take place? What if I’m unable to make it?

A: Live classes are held once a week from 5-7 PM PT via Zoom. If you miss a class, no worries! They’ll be recorded and shared the next day via email and in the Facebook group so you can catch up. Keep in mind, this is not a self-paced course so you’ll want to do your best to attend live or catch up within a few days.

Will I get one-on-one feedback from you during the course?

A: Yes! There’s time for questions at the end of each Zoom session, as well as the extended 45-minute Q&A during week 5. I’m also active and available to answer questions in the private Facebook group for the duration of the course.

How much time do I need to invest to complete the course?

A: Each live class is 2 hours, plus an additional 2 hours of homework each week (give or take). Yes, it’s a commitment. But by the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll have an amazing room designed and a clear action plan to bring it to life—plus the skills to design your entire home, for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an interior designer.

What rooms can I design during the course?

A: We’ll focus on one room of your home—one that you live in, such as a living room, bedroom, or office space. The general rule of thumb: pick a room that doesn’t have plumbing. But you can still apply what you learn in the course to your entire home on your own.

I’m brand new to interior design! Is that okay?

A: Absolutely. You don’t need any prior interior design experience to succeed, as we’ll cover relevant design principles during week 4. But if you do have some experience, that’s cool too. All you need is the availability and willingness to attend weekly lessons, complete the homework, and participate in the creative process. Note: This course is not designed for professional interior designers.

Do I need to have a huge furniture budget?

A: Nope! We’ll cover budget in week 3 and you have full control over how much you want to invest. Plus, while the course will get you to the finish line, you have the option to space out your purchases based on priority. For example, if you want to start by splurging on your dream couch, go for it! You can slowly add the smaller items in later or vice versa.

I had a different question about the course.

A: I’m all ears! Ask away right here.

Ready to take your home from ho-hum to ahh-mazing in just 6 weeks?

Your investment for the Emotional Home Blueprint:



$897 USD
Save $108!


$335 USD


Psst … The next session starts October 2019. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens!

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