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I’m here to help you hone in on your interior design style and create a space that feels good in every sense.



I’m Hollis Rendleman

A Seattle-based interior architect and designer who specializes in creating emotional homes and retail spaces.

My clients call me their house therapist. My friends know me for getting lost in the paint aisle and spending weekends populating hundreds of Pinterest boards.

Officially speaking, my interior design career stemmed from a 15-year social justice stint. In need of a break, I hopscotched over to the retail world, where I took on the role of manager at a feminist-owned sex toy store. Here, I had the freedom to flex my creative intuition. An adjustment to the lighting, a change of display fixture, a shift in product placement and… voila! Items started flying off the shelves.

I loved designing a space where womxn of all identities felt included, confident, and empowered.

Seeing an opportunity to use interior design as a force for good, I went back to school for my Master’s in Interior Architecture and Design. After graduating in 2012, I landed jobs designing retail spaces for Nordstrom and Starbucks. While these were great opportunities, I found my heart longing for something more personal. Some way to support women in creating a safe and sacred space, and to empower the independent business owners who add vibrancy to our communities.

I created Hollis Rendleman Interiors because I believe everyone deserves a space that feeds their soul and elevates the way they live.


Why emotional design? Here’s the backstory...


A decade of retail design experience taught me the psychology behind a well-designed space. But it was a soul-shattering breast cancer diagnosis of four tumors in six weeks that truly showed me the life-changing power of an emotional home. 

The doctor leaned over my chart and said, “I have no doubt this is breast cancer. You need to surrender and let us do what we need to do take care of this.” I can still feel those words lingering in the fluorescent air between sterile white walls. There had been no pain. No symptoms. Yet in only a minute, every certainty in my life melted away. 

The following weeks became a blur of appointments, test results, and researching the meaning of those test results—all while trying to rearrange the pieces of my life to fit inside this new container of reality. 

I felt isolated and overwhelmed. Despite an outpouring of support from friends and family, I was alone in making the decisions, driving myself to appointments, and walking through each day as if the trajectory of my life hadn’t taken a sharp U-turn. The once-comforting everyday tasks—work, walking my dog, grocery shopping, cooking—took on a new weight. Stress led to exhaustion. 

Days before my surgery, my best friend came over to find me frantically reupholstering a pair of vintage chairs, hanging art, and wrangling loose wires. She looked at me and knew: I was terrified.

With no way to control the cancer, I grappled for something—anything—to hold onto. My home gave me that source of stability and comfort.


One by one, I ticked off the finishing touches that had been collecting dust on my to-do list since before the diagnosis. What I didn’t know at the time was how much I would need my beautifully finished home during recovery. 

After surgery came radiation. Every day for six weeks I drove to the hospital and surrendered to the machines, holding myself together in spite of everything. 

Then, I would walk through my door. Throw myself on my rich green velvet sofa. And allow myself to come undone. Soothed by the dark walls. Comforted by the fuzzy pillows. Cheered by the floral curtains. Warmed by the soft glow of the lamps.

It wasn’t about recreating a design magazine, it was about having a room that felt like home. Felt like me. And felt like solace from this world of exhaustion and disbelief.

A space to surrender to the fear and overwhelm.  And to rest.  And to breathe. And to put myself back together again. To face what was next.

And this was it. This was what I’d been teaching and doing with my clients. We all need a place that reflects us and fulfills our needs—calm, solace, rejuvenation, communion, play, joy.  We all need a place to refill our soul during the good times, the hard times, and the really hard times.

This is why I work with you to create a home that’s your definition of beautiful. And if you don’t know what that is yet, I’ll help you figure it out. I’m right here with you—swatches in one hand, room sketches in the other.



You dream of coming home to a sanctuary of your favorite things, thoughtfully arranged around your lifestyle.

I come alongside you to create a space that reflects you—where you are now, and where you want to go. A place that brings you more clarity, balance, and joy.

A carefully curated art wall, thoughtfully tossed textiles, a well-placed heirloom—these things have the power to impact how you feel every single day.

Picture it: You open the door to a space that soothes your soul, revitalizes your spirit, and supports you through the good times—and the difficult ones, too.

I take an emotional approach to interior design because creating a beautiful home isn’t about status. It’s about self-care and empowering you to live your truth and share your light.


“I loved working with her and I’m telling everyone!“

“Hollis is clear, concise, and incredibly detailed in her approach. She helped me stay focused on my goals and create a home that feels oh-so-good. Plus, her excitement throughout the process is wonderfully contagious.”

— Audrey R.

Are you ready to make space for more?

Here’s how we can work together...


Design Workshops

Feel inspired to DIY but need direction to make it happen? I offer online workshops to help you create a home that cultivates more self-care, in less time.


Interior Design

I come alongside you to uncover your personal style and fuse it into your home—so you can spend more time relaxing and doing the things you love.


Retail Design

A well-designed store can sell more by creating an emotional connection with your customers. Together, we’ll create a space that gives them all the feels.