New Moon: 3 Quick Steps for Inviting in Alllllll the Good Stuff!

And when I’m in a need of a way to usher out the “blehs” and invite in the really, really good stuff, I do this very quick ritual all about my front door. After all, our doors are a way we choose what to keep out and what to welcome into our homes—both figuratively and literally.

In this video below, I explain these 3 quick steps to ushering in all the good stuff!

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Safety First!: The Foundation to Excellent Interior Design

While this might be the most ho-hum part of design, it is the foundation of any beautiful room— Safety and Security. No matter how many delicious fabrics you have, or how drool-worthy your new console is, if you are constantly worried that that you’ll trip over that extension cord or that someone could break into your window—even on a subconscious level—it diminishes your pleasure of that room.

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