Take your retail space from run-of-the-mill to remarkable.

Retail design for independent small businesses ready to stand out and increase in-store sales.


E-commerce giants have changed the retail game.

Customers can buy anything, anywhere, anytime—without stepping out their front door. And get it with free two-day delivery.

Independent retail businesses face new challenges to compete for cost and convenience.

But this doesn’t mean brick-and-mortar retail is dead. It’s just different.


The secret to brick-and-mortar success in today’s digital world?

You must create an in-store experience that excites your customers to step away from their screens and through your doors.

This means designing an emotional space with the psychology of sales in mind. Every light, product placement, and fixture needs to make your customers feel something.

Because people buy things that remind them of a wonderful feeling or a great experience.


The Retail Design Package

A custom 1-on-1 service designed to make your brand jump off the blueprint
and give your customers an experience to write home about.

Space Planning and Layout
Equipment Scheduling
Furniture and Finishes
Lighting Design
Merchandising and Fixture Design
Construction Administration
Wayfinding/Directional Signage
And more...


Hi there,
I’m Hollis Rendleman

A Seattle-based interior architect and designer for homes and independent small businesses.

I combine my Master’s in Interior Architecture and Design with a background in retail to help business owners design visionary stores that generate more revenue, referrals, and 5-star reviews.

During the past decade, I’ve designed over 100 retail spaces for locally owned businesses and national chains like Starbucks and Nordstrom—from concept to completion and every phase in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re based in Seattle, but I’m not. Can we still work together?

You betcha! I can work with you remotely or we can budget for site visits, when necessary.

How do I know if hiring a retail designer is the right for me?

This is for you if you’re opening a new retail store and feel overwhelmed making it both beautiful and functional. This is also for you if your business is struggling and needs a refresh to make a comeback. From floor plans to finishings and furnishings, I’ll help you design a space that makes your customers say, “wow, this spot is rad!”

What’s the difference between an interior designer and an architect?

An interior designer combines art and science to create a space that’s both beautiful and functional. Interior architecture (what I do!), takes it a step further to consider everything related to building an interior space and how it will affect human habitation, including materials, finishes, electrical requirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, ergonomics, and intelligent use of space. I can work with your building architect and contractor to coordinate all of these things.

“But I have no idea what I want my space to look like yet!”

A: That’s what I’m here for! Through a collaborative step-by-step process, we’ll hone in on your vibe and bring it to life in a way that aligns with your brand and message.

Do you buy the furniture and finishings?

No, but I do provide links for you to buy your furniture and finishings—so you don’t have to spend time searching.

Sooo … what’s all this going to cost?

Each retail design project is totally custom and varies from business to business. Click on the big orange button below to fill out an application and book an introductory call.


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